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Pocket Bish Gym Committee
Hello and welcome to Shusu's Pocket Bish Gym blog! Yes, we know it hasn't been updated in a while, and that's because there are literally over a hundred bishounen and bishoujo to catch, locate, place, and upload. Please be patient!

You may be wondering who "we" are. Why, we're the Pocket Bish Gym Leaders! Watch out, our newest gyms aren't uploaded yet.

The Hellion is a tough taskmaster!My name is Mariamaia Khushrenada. You will see me in the minutes as Maia. I am the leader of Shusu's premiere gym, Crimson Gym.

Hilde's a great motivator. Hi! I'm Hilde Schreibecker. I run the Gold Gym!

Sailor Jupiter will get these gals in shape! Hi! My name's Makoto, better known as Sailor Jupiter! My job's to run the Forest Gym! See ya there!

Duo's the resident mechanic, and he has a great sense of humor!Yo! Duo Maxwell here. I run the best, coolest gym, and that's Jet Gym! Check it out ^_^*V*

Ruki expects the best, and gets the best. My name is Ruki, if you really want to know. You've probably seen me going by Rika. What a stupid girly name. Anyway, I'm the trainer of the Glacier Gym. Watch out for us, it's gonna be good.

San is a good pathfinder and a fierce warrior. I am San. I am the guardian of the Ivory Gym. Here you will find great power. Respect it.

Quatre hones leadership skills. Hello. I'm Quatre Raberba Winner, and I operate the Sapphire Gym. Please enjoy your stay.

Mimi is a lot of fun, but she does have an eye for detail!Hiiii! I'm Mimi Tachikawa, and I run the Rosy Gym! We don't do very much, but we're awfully cute!

Achika radiates mystery and power. My name is Achika Masaki. *bows* I manage the Plum Gym, a special place for all the real characters and badge catches.

More on the gyms:
Lead Team
(open, run by Mariemaia)
Back-Up Team
(open, run by Hilde)
Reserve Team
(open, run by Makoto)

Special Forces Team
(open, run by Duo)
Logistics Team
(open, run by Ruki)
Surveillance Team
(open, run by San)

Auxilliary Team
run by Quatre)
Morale Team
run by Mimi)
Point Team
(badges & reals,
run by Achika)

At the moment Pocket Bishoujo is having some problems, so we'll be back later with the catch list!

The latest news is not so good... as we write, is down because of bandwidth problems. Much love and support to Tokio, and we hope everything comes back together!
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