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Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Welcome to the Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers section of the RfP network. Here are all of Shusu's yaoi YST fan fiction, both finished works and teases. That means graphic sexual situations between and among males. If you're under 18, you are NOT allowed here. Most of these are posted at Mink's Ronin Yaoi Cake Archive ( but from time to time Shusu will edit them to her satisfaction.

What's NewUpdates 01/18/2001 - Posted "The Final Score": Third, Fourth Quarters, and epilogue "Overtime."
01/05/2001 - Posted completed "Sustain".

Sub Rosa Guest YST Fics Want some rare and beautiful YST fics? Can't find something at a major archive? Try Sub Rosa: RW Indies.

No plagiarism!! Not that I really think anyone would... but if you copy, alter, or use these works without my consent, I will find you and obliterate you so completely that you'll wish I used the meat hook instead.

YST Guide YST Guide - Coming Soon
A character guide to the Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers universe.

RW/YST Yaoi RegistryRonin Warriors Yaoi Registry - Not Up-to-Date
Shusu "dumpster-dives" through the Net to bring you a definitive census of Ronin yaoi fic, including their important stats.

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Ratings and Tags Key
Ratings (Size Matters)
    XS = extra straight
    S = shonen-ai / shojo-ai
    M = mature
    L = lemon / lascivious
    XL = extra licentious
    XXL = X-rated extremely lewd (non-con, squick)
    juice = sappy sweetness
    dark = depressing, violent
    #-somes = more than two players
    PWP = Plot, What Plot?
    AU = alternate universe
    italics = series, anthology, theme

YST Fiction by Shusu
alpha by title
teases at the bottom


Trooper surprise The Best Laid... Plans When everyone's playing, who wins?
L ~ juicy surprise
      P :: 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8

Birthday Fics

Various tease! Special Continuing Series: "Mission: B.M.B.B"
M ~ silly AU ~ Gundam Wing / Ronin Warriors Crazy Crossover
Episode 1 - The Whereabouts of Underwear The G-boys drop in.

R+TCreepy Crawlies Someone's afraid of bugs.
S ~ juicy

The Final Score - see "Spectator Sports"

CxS, S/TIn a Jam Shin gets stuck with Seiji.
L ~ juicy PWP ~ Hot Toddy

YamixT Koku Rou Ken

2xTxO tease! Special Continuing Series: "Kreuzweg im Himmel"
M ~ dark AU ~ Weiß Kreuz / Gundam Wing / Ronin Warriors Fusion
Episode 1 - Lost and Found - citrus

Overtime - see "Spectator Sports"

SxT/TxS tease!

Seiji's Birthday Gift - see "Birthday Fics"

Doku+co X C tease!

Trooper surpriseThe Spectator Sports Trilogy
Spectator Sports A sports game gets physical.
The Final Score The ultimate morning after.
XL ~ juicy PWP #-somes
      First Quarter
      Second Quarter
      Third Quarter
      Fourth Quarter
Overtime Epilogue to "The Final Score."
XL ~ #-somes PWP

all pairings Sustain Flashbacks through the armor bond.
S ~ #-somes extra-juicy songfic ~ Lyric Canon Anthology

Gen X C tease!

C+? Tongue A Trooper tells it like it is.
M ~ dirty ~ Hot Toddy

Proceed at your own risk!
About the Chihuahua Princess of Tease

##s are Minkchat ML message numbers.

Birthday Fics

YamixT Koku Rou Ken
XL ~ juicy dark New!
1 :: 2 :: 3

SxT/TxS Our Secret Field
S ~ juicy, bit on the dark side
1988 [8220]

Doku+co X C Serpentine Snakes, and more snakes. Non-consensual. Do NOT read if you're not ready.
XXL ~ very dark [8308, 8309, 9210, 11449, 12735]
1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 ...

Gen X T Tochimou Bondage. Non-consensual.
S ~ dark PWP ~ Honeypot Anthology [ML?]
1 ...

Shusu says:
You'll notice that my characters are slightly different from the usual. For one, they're based on the YST official info. Touma is still a wiseass but he also acts more like the insecure youngest Trooper. My version of Seiji is a little "softer," though he remains the most sexually aggressive. Shin is the most different; his temper comes out when cornered, and he's acknowledged as the eldest. Ryo is more authoritative than other yaoi versions, and I tend towards the 'teddy bear' version of Shuu. (These are just generalizations. Each fic and series has a different variation of these types.)

Oh, and I have a thing for sex in bathrooms. Don't ask.

A note on influence:
After rereading my YST fics it came to my attention that I had unconsciously borrowed a great deal from Tenshi no Korin. Many stylistic elements, and even some phrases were very similar. If I could wipe out all those obvious bits without disturbing the integrity of the pieces, I would. However, that's next to impossible. Instead I will say that after reading some 300+ Ronin yaoi fics, I still return to her stories. Thanks, Tenshi. Your works are beautiful, definitive, and apparently I can't get them out of my mind ^_^. Read works by Tenshi and by llamajoy at .

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