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I am a Trainer's Club Member! Bishies in My Pocket...

This is currently being used as an overflow gym, as these bishies have not been classified. So, they're just lounging around, looking cute ^^. Have fun!

Other gyms - Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (overflow, run by Makoto); Jet (run by Duo); Sapphire (run by Quatre.)

Please don't "catch" any of these images from me! Go to the original sites, and capture them fair and square.

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Sailor Jupiter will get these gals in shape! The Forest Gym
The Reserve Team

14 Bishoujo, 10 Bishounen

Arashi of X/1999Arashi is the beautifully doomed girl who crosses destinies with Kamui. Oh wait... they're all beautiful and doomed ^^. (Jet or Sapphire Gym.)

Zarbon... Bulma thought he was a hottie, till he went all lizard on 'em. Plus, he's a bad guy. Zarbon is quite cute, though, in an arrogant Freeza-lackey kind of way. (Forest or Jet Gym.) Zarbon of Dragonball Z

Mayuka of Tenchi MuyoI've no bloody idea who Mayuka is ^^;;; but I think she's from Jurai. (Sapphire Gym.)

Funaho of Tenchi MuyoLady Funaho is Yosho's mother. She has a lot of things to say to her wayward son (Tenchi's grandfather) and she's savvy for a human queen of Jurai. She is a dignified noblewoman. (Forest or Sapphire Gym.)

Zoicite's a guy! A **guy**, okay? Bloody DiC heads. And for once, an openly yaoi bishounen. He's passionate about his work, and his love. He also used to be a knight in Darien/Endymion's court, according to certain sources. (Forest or Jet Gym.) Zoisite of Sailor Moon

Jessica Rabbit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit"I'm not bad; I'm just drawn that way." Probably the first introduction of many impressionable American boys to the joys of cartoon hentai, Jessica played the femme fatale with a wink, a pout, and a patty-cake. She's a philandering wife... what else is she guilty of? Plus, the true secret of manhood: "he makes me laugh." (Forest or Sapphire Gym.)

Ahhh... Fujitaka, better known as Sakura's dad. Your basic, unassuming CLAMP bishounen. Yum! He cooks, he cleans, he's a professor, and he takes care of his mystically talented kids. (Gold or Forest Gym.) Fujitaka of Card Captor Sakura

The ancestor of our own Li Syaoran, he was a powerful magician who created the Clow Cards. I guess he was raised on Sanrio as a child ^^. He's also the 20th bishounen catch! (Forest or Sapphire Gym.) Clow Read of Card Captor Sakura

Sally Po of Gundam WingYeah, she's Chinese. Get over it ^^. Sally is one tough cookie... she impresses the Maguanacs! Her second voice actress is much better in the Ocean Group dub, and she sticks to butch military outfits (unlike Noin's weird fashion statements.) She's a tomboy grown up, and she gets to battle for peace too. (Forest or Jet Gym.)

Chang Meiran of Gundam WingThe fierce, doomed wife of Chang Wufei. She took on marriage, the protection of her colony, and death at a heartbreakingly young age. Much has been made of her abrasive relationship with Wufei, but in the end... her memory lives on... (Forest or Sapphire Gym.)

Washu of Tenchi MuyoThat's Miss Washu to you! Audacious, loud-mouthed, and brilliant, Washu has probably blown up several alternate universes by now. Sometimes she's got as much sense as height, but she's no-nonsense in an all-nonsense household. (Gold or Forest Gym.)

Kagato's the all-purpose Tenchi villain. You name the evil, he's done it. But really it's not the power, the ambition, or the big shiny spaceship. It's the tiny granny glasses. ^^;;; (Jet or Sapphire Gym.) Kagato of Tenchi Muyo

Sora of Digital MonstersY'know, Sora gets dissed way too much. Too butch, too clingy, too cute... too bad! She isn't my favorite character, but I don't think she deserves that much bashing. She's a pretty good voice of reason for the motley crew of Digimon 01. (Forest or Sapphire Gym.)

Mimi of Digital MonstersMimi! She's pink, she's ditzy, she's always stylin'! Though this girl speaks in smiley faces, I've come to appreciate her forthright manner. She's become the big sister figure for the younger Digidestined, and has really learned to wield her authority. Plus, she's dyed her hair pink, and currently is going through a Macy Gray hippie phase... and she looks *good*! (Gold or Forest Gym.)

Hellloooo Ken! One of the fabulously deadly Wei▀ boys. Watch out for his claws and his devastating smile. Rrrowr. (Forest or Jet Gym.) Ken of Wei▀ Kreuz

Omi, Omi, Omi. So sweet. So young. So kawaii. What business do you have killing people? If only to be strung up and beaten up by the bad guys. Be a good boy and play with your dart gun ^^. (Forest or Jet Gym.) Omi of Wei▀ Kreuz

Ryoohki of Tenchi MuyoFor a bit during Tenchi Muyo, Ryoohki the little cabbit was turned into Ryoohki the little girl. She sang a song for the Jurai Emperor and otherwise looked really freaky. (Sapphire Gym).

Elisa of GargoylesI was so impressed with this gal... she discovers stone monsters who administer sunset-to-sunrise justice, and she goes with the flow. I guess she's a good New York cop ^^. Elisa is a fantastic character; this Beauty packs heat! (Forest or Jet Gym.)

Oh gawwwwd, lay it on me, cher'!! Gambit is the kind of man who can charm the scales off a gator. The clothes off a woman... ah, but that's another story. This Cajun thief changes potential energy to kinetic energy-- he can heat anything up by touching it... ::droool:: (Forest or Jet Gym.) Gambit of X-Men

Rogue of X-MenHey shugah, do you know *anybody* who doesn't love this gal? Her angst-filled mutant life has rendered her literally untouchable and invincible. (Gold or Jet Gym).

Yuzuriha of X/1999The youngest of the Dragons, this little girl can call up a spirit wolf which defends her. The others are very protective of her, but she can easily take care of herself... and the fate of humanity, of course. (Jet or Sapphire Gym.)

John Crichton is the ultimate survivor. His space ship gets shunted to a different part of the universe and he has to join a crew of alien fugitives. He's a John Wayne / Harrison Ford hero the likes of which is rarely seen, and he holds his own with the British muppets. Oh yeah, and he's a hottie. (Forest or Jet Gym.) John Crichton of Farscape

Guinan of Star Trek: The Next GenerationGuinan is a little too old and wise for the bishoujo title, but I don't think she'd turn down the chance to look good. This intergalactic bartender has been there, done that, and out-lived yo momma. Rock on, honey. (Forest or Jet Gym.)

Total: 34 Bishˇujos & 30 Bishˇunen
All bishies are trained in ki energy blasting, basic comedy, first aid and CPR, table manners, self-defense, origami, aerial navigation, photography and/or watercolors, infiltration, sword fighting, cooking with chocolate, and in some cases, deep massage.

My Badges:

Hilde's a great motivator. The Hellion is a tough taskmaster! Sailor Jupiter will get these gals in shape!
Duo's the resident mechanic, and he has a great sense of humor! Quatre hones leadership skills.

Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold open, run by Hilde); Forest (overflow, run by Makoto); Jet (run by Duo); Sapphire (run by Quatre.)

Attention visitors from Pocket Bishoujo! This is a YAOI site. That means anime bishounen in relationships together. All the Pocket Bish Gyms are PG rated, but the rest of the site has explicit material.

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