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I am a Trainer's Club Member! Bishies in My Pocket...

The Gold Gym is now open for business. We're holding out for Suzuka, but otherwise this back-up team is complete! It's ready to provide support for the more exclusive Crimson Gym.

Other gyms - Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (overflow, run by Makoto); Jet (run by Duo); Sapphire (run by Quatre.)

Please don't "catch" any of these images from me! Go to the original sites, and capture them fair and square.

Catch a Pocket Bishˇujo :: Catch a Pocket Bishˇnen

Hilde's a great motivator. The Gold Gym
The Back-up Team

9 Bishoujo, 9 Bishounen

Ah, Sexy Zechs. The man who can't decide on his name, his mobile suit, his friends, or how high to pull up his pants. But the mask, the flowing Herbal Essences platinum blond hair, and the sweetly sonorous voice has made whole regiments of drooling G-fans fall over like a bottle of Wild Turkey. And oh yeah, he's an amazing pilot too ^^. Zechs of Gundam Wing

Sailor Mercury / Ami of Sailor MoonAmy is one of the best blue-haired bishies. She's introspective, super-smart, and does pretty well with a bubble bath attack. Plus she gets the cool VR glasses.

A sexy winged horse dude in love with a pre-schooler. Oookay. But one look at him, naked, suspended upside down in Queen Nehelinia's webby thorn cage, and he could be a giant batpig for all I care ^^. He's also got a cute lil horn crystal on his forehead. Helios of Sailor Moon

Kagero of Ninja ScrollSilly girls. What do you do when you're a deadly ninja and your skin is pure poison? Why, you fall for the vagabond fighter whose sword is like the wind, of course. Besides that, poor Kagero gets put through the ringer, but she still comes back destroying.

San of Mononoke HimePrimal. Fierce. Passionate. The true flame of the forest, San was raised by the Wolf Clan and battles to keep it safe. Within the beauty of Mononoke's world she runs fast and vibrant, like a stream, like a fire, like the blood of the forest itself...

Touya is your typical hunky older brother -- he snoops, he bugs, he teases. Oh yeah, and he's cute. He gives Sakura a hard time, and hates Li, but he really watches out for his lil sis. Especially when he gets that weird feeling about that stuffed animal of hers... Touya of Card Captor Sakura

Yuki-chan! This adorable lanky boy is the darling of everyone in his CLAMP bishounen town. He has a tremendous appetite, a kind heart, and a secret so secret he doesn't know it himself! He's very close to Touyo and Sakura, and is often found hanging out with them. Yukito of Card Captor Sakura

Ryoko of Tenchi MuyoRyoko. The very name conjures visions of space pirating, sake guzzling, bathhouse flashing, and an impish face popping out of solid objects. She's one of the toughest gals in anime going after one of the most unavailable bachelors in anime. And one helluva party girl! She's my 25th bishoujo catch, too.

Hotsuma is one of the best lackey villains I've ever seen. He's cool, calm, and takes on Ryoko like she's Blueberry Hill instead of K-2. I was hooked when he locked her in that hold, and just purred his news like a levitating Iago. Mmmm... no one should be that good at being bad. Hotsuma of Tenchi Muyo

Kiyone of Tenchi MuyoKiyone should get a medal just for putting up with Mihoshi. She's a standout Galaxy Policewoman who just can't catch a break. She is a bit of an ambitious career girl, but hey, she kicks butt!

Nancy / Natsuko of Digital MonstersYes, this is Matt and Takeru's mom. And. She. Is. A. Hottie. Live with it! She goes around in this tight black tanktop and Gap pants, stacked and ready for mall-walking and changing the Patamon litterbox. Now we know where Matt gets his angst gene from ^^. Kawaii begets kawaii, I guess.

Usually the role of "best friend" is a sucky one. Unless you're Goku's best friend. Krillin isn't into unnecessary heroics... hey, I'd be pretty scared if I went up against that much world-destroying power on a regular basis. He'll fight when he has to, even against overwhelming odds, and his Destructo Disc attack is no mere light show. This plucky lil bald fellow is just who you want at your back. Krillin of Dragonball Z

Juuhachi / Android 18 of Dragonball ZShe's beautiful and deadly... and she was programmed that way. The stunningly cold Android 18 has the fighting moves. Stumbling into humanity, picking her fashions, or just plain destroying the world, this gal has a complete arsenal of bishoujo-ness. My 20th bishoujo catch, qualifying me for trainer status ^^.

"Impossible!" Nope. Most people hate his voice actor's snotty English accent, but I think it captures his prideful drive for power. A lift of his chin, a toss of his widow's peaked head, and he was ready to crush you into the ground (whether or not he was actually able to.) The perfect rival for Goku, and the very picture of a Saiyan prince. My 25th bishounen! Vegeta of Dragonball Z

Lina Inverse of SlayersHas there ever been a cooler gal? With more magic ability than most sorcerors get their hands on in a lifetime and a bigger appetite than some football teams, Lina Inverse turns everything upside down. Even if you hate her guts, you can't stop following her around...

Angemon bothers me, you know. What are those strange thingies on his chest?? I don't get that. But hey, anyone with hair like that, and Patamon's big beady eyes (he's got them, trust me) is a cool dude in my book. And of course, we can't have TK without Angemon! He's quite a mon. =P Angemon of Digimon: Digital Monsters

Angewomon of Digimon: Digital MonstersAh, Angewomon. Not only is she a giant angel chick, she's also got a deadly finger! With her lovely blond hair and snazzy outfit, she's more than a match for Angemon. Heh heh. Of course, she's still got a little cat in her for the snappy attitude.

If you missed the Digimon movie (more precisely, the third Digimon OAV), you missed this guy. For some reason the Digimon people think all Americans are blond and blue eyed... with fabulous results. Wallace is strangely endearing, despite the character design, and his love for his digimon is quite touching. Not to mention his long talks with Daisuke ::snigger::. Wallace of Digimon the Movie

Gold Gym. Trainer, Hilde (Noin, Jr.)
Ranks (in order): Lina, Zechs, Ryoko, Vegeta, Helios, Krillin, Mercury (Ami), Kagero, Natsuko, San, Android 18, Hotsuma, Angewomon, Angemon, Touya, Yukito, Wallace.
Leaders. Bishounen ~ Zechs, Touya, Yukito. Bishoujo ~ Ryoko, Natsuko, Android 18.
Yaoi Captains ~ Touya, Yukito. Yuri Captains ~ Lina, Ryoko.
Academics ~ Ami.
Aerial Navigation ~ Ryoko, Angewomon, Angemon.
Angst management ~ Zechs, Kagero.
Art ~ Helios, Mercury.
Chibi management ~ Touya, Wallace.
Chocolate ~ Yukito.
Comedy ~ Lina, Ryoko.
CPR ~ Hotsuma, Ami.
Computers ~ Ami, Wallace, Android 18.
Domestic managers ~ Natsuko, Touya.
Double Agent training ~ Zechs, Ryoko, Vegeta.
Evil ~ Vegeta, Hotsuma, Android 18.
Firearms & close combat ~ Vegeta, San, Krillin.
Good ~ Angemon, Angewomon, Helios.
Ki control ~ Lina, Ryoko, Vegeta.
Magic usage ~ Lina, Helios, Touya.
Massage ~ Angemon.
Meditation ~ Helios.
Music ~ Ami.
Physical conditioning ~ Krillin, Angemon.
Sword fighting ~ Zechs, Kagero.
Wardrobe ~ Yukito, Android 18.
Leaders may help in other gyms, as time permits.
Hilde: This is a great gym. We're a scraggly group in a lot of ways... there's less discipline in their techniques, but there's also a lot of raw power here. As long as they can work as a team, and work closely with Crimson Gym, we'll be very successful.

Total: 34 Bishˇujos & 30 Bishˇunen
All bishies are trained in ki energy blasting, basic comedy, first aid and CPR, table manners, self-defense, origami, aerial navigation, photography and/or watercolors, infiltration, sword fighting, cooking with chocolate, and in some cases, deep massage.

My Badges:

Hilde's a great motivator. The Hellion is a tough taskmaster! Sailor Jupiter will get these gals in shape!
Duo's the resident mechanic, and he has a great sense of humor! Quatre hones leadership skills.

Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (overflow, run by Makoto); Jet (run by Duo); Sapphire (run by Quatre.)

Attention visitors from Pocket Bishoujo! This is a YAOI site. That means anime bishounen in relationships together. All the Pocket Bish Gyms are PG rated, but the rest of the site has explicit material.

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