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The Seiji Wigs Out Contest!

Seiji: weeps

Once upon a time, I took a look at Seiji's do and went CRAZY! It's all over, crawling over his ears, obscuring his eyes, sticking to his neck, flopping over his face even with a heavy helmet, a pounding waterfall, a twenty story fall, and the love of humanity!!! What is *up* with that?

So here's the deal. Download this picture and decorate good ole bald Seiji. Send them to me at Please keep the file sizes fairly small and of course virus-free. I have no prizes, no deadlines, or anything YET. Unless you say differently, I will post entries at the Minkchat ML, a reputable group of hentais. Watch this space for updates.

Bald Seiji!

Good Luck!

Entries so far:

by Scarecrow:
Seiji pageboy Seiji Punk Seiji Wufei Seiji Washu

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