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Red for Pleasure

Welcome to the Red for Pleasure yaoi network! This is RfP Main, an archive of Shusu's fanfiction and art attempts. Guest fanfics reside at Sub Rosa (home of Angstschweiß and Digimon Punch!). I only do four anime series, Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Shin Koudesenki Gundam Wing, Digimon: Digital Monsters, and Weiß Kreuz. All sites are crosslinked. (Yaoi means mostly graphic depictions of homosexual relationships. So don't enter if you are under 18 or don't appreciate these subjects.)
seXtras also has many non-hentai pages, including Simple Pleasures.

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What's New 4/1/2001 - April Fools! Thought you got rid of me, eh? Well, welcome one and all to the Red for Pleasure Network! Yes, it's a network now-- ** pages spread over three servers. I won't waste space here by telling you all the new stuff that's in here, both HTML and content, since I went through and changed all the pages. Click here for the complete update list. I will say that I have two new subsites in Sub Rosa: "Angstschweiß", a Weiß Kreuz angst trove, and "Digimon Punch!" a lovely little Digi yaoi haven. All my original work has been updated... extensively. I don't normally ask for it, but I would like a round of feedback for the new stuff, onegai? Guest authors have also been added throughout Sub Rosa. You also might want to check out "Simple Pleasures"... try 89 Pocket Bish catches, hee hee...
Please help me out by reporting broken links. And stay tuned for more!
See Update Log for previous updates.

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It has come to my attention that someone may be stealing my fan art, and may have done the same to Fablespinner; this person has also solicited another webmaster for fan art. Although as yet I have not heard back from her either way, this person removed signatures from the art. Please watch out for these aliases and e-mail addresses, and report any instances of plagiarism to myself or Fablespinner: exingyi, anGeL|ne, en|LeGna, o|2anG3, addias_xy, Yapz, sclub_rulez ("xy" as the initials or in the name seems to be a common combination.) DO NOT outright flame this person, just find out if they are doing this or not. If it is the case that this person is innocent, then I will publicly apologize; as it is, a great deal of circumstantial evidence point to her being a plagiarist or a fan art thief.

Site map of most Network pagesSite Map
YST - Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers yaoi and some shonen ai.
9 (12) completed stories. 5 (2+1) teases. 2 crossovers.
GW - Gundam Wing yaoi and shonen ai.
3 completed stories. 0 teases. 2 crossovers.
WK - Weiß Kreuz yaoi and some shonen ai.
~2 completed stories. ~ 3 teases. (1+2,1,1) 1 crossover. (13)
Digimon - Digimon Punch!, mini-shrine of Digidestined getting physical. Free love.
2 completed stories. Ongoing series.
Sub Rosa - My personal, invitation-only archive of guest fiction. "Indies" display rare Ronin Warrior yaoi. "Features" are my favorites from Gundam Wing yaoi. "Angstschweiß" houses hardcore Weiß Kreuz angst. "Digimon Punch!" has a few selected fics.
Art - Art work finished and in-progress, mostly fan art for others. 19 works. (+3,1,1,t1)
Xtras - RW Yaoi Census, RW/YST stats, Minkland resources, Shusu's nicknames, links, adoptions, and more. "Simple Pleasures" now hosts The Neko Room, the Pocket Bish Gyms, and the Scorpio Bitch Clique. Minklanders welcome!

Website Providers hosting RfPSite Hosts
All of Shusu's writings and art, and Angstschweiß are at , an adult site. Minimize pop-ups. leads here (redirect by V3.)
The rest of Digimon Punch!, the rest of Sub Rosa, and most seXtras are at . Entrance pop-up only.
Small Pleasures is at . A mirror of the RW/YST Yaoi Census is also there for search purposes. Persistent pop-up. Graphics-heavy.
The user name is "shusu" in all domains.

Darkflame's GW Fic ArchiveMink's Ronin Yaoi Cake ArchiveCute doggies by Ushikai

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