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Please place your baggage on the machine and show proof of age. Nothing personal, just doing my job.Welcome to Red for Pleasure!

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~Rings 'n' Things~

Ronin Warriors / Yoroiden Samurai Troopers ~
Gundam Wing ~ Digimon ~ Weiß Kreuz

Red for Pleasure presents:
~ Shusu's RW/YST, GW, WK, Digimon, & crossover yaoi fiction
~ Galleries of Shusu's art, as well as fan art inspiring & inspired by her fics
~ Digimon Punch!, fics & screencaps of Digidestined brawls
~ Sub Rosa, an exclusive guest fanfiction archive:
»» RW Indie Library ~ rare RW/YST yaoi
»» GW Features ~ favorite GW yaoi fics
»» Digimon Specials ~ Digimon Punch! fics
»» Angstschweiß ~ hard core WK angst fics
~ RW/YST Minkland resources, i.e. Minkchatter websites, RW/YST yaoi fic census, & more
~ sExtra special! More from the Harem House, silliness, & new teases
»» Simple Pleasures ~ non-ecchi fun, i.e. The Neko Room & Pocket Bishie Gyms

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